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My Mental Health in Motion Fundraising Page

Katherine Beattie

Katherine beattie

Dear Friend

I am participating in the Mental Health in Motion event yet again. I am part of my sister's team "The Bipolar Express".

As most of you know, my sister came out of the mental health closet when she turned 50 a few years ago (she is 10 years older than me).
Beth was tired of hiding her bipolar illness. As she should be. Mental Health is not something to hide from. 1 in 5 of us have to deal with mental illness.

During "normal times" most of the funds from this specific ride go towards funding a bus, that is a traveling doctor's office. It goes around to high schools. Teenagers, who are struggling, often in very painful isolation, can board the bus and speak with a mental health professional. This professional will ensure the teen receives the help they need.

During these pandemic times, teens are still getting help, virtually.

We need to be aware of how many teens and adults deal with mental health, and we need to get the word out - THERE IS HELP AVAILABLE. Please consider donating to this very worthy cause.

Due to the pandemic we cannot ride together on Sunday June 13 BUT i am committing to riding 60 km that weekend (not all at once, last year's 60 km bike ride damn near killed me).

Please consider supporting me.
Thank you



raised of $2,500 goal

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1. Maari Lowe
Thanks for making "this work" a priority :)
2. Lorna Gives
3. Anonymous
Good luck Katherine
4. Glen Sutherland
Thanks for riding for the cause!
5. Jen Hastings
Congratulations on doing the ride and fundraising Katherine!
6. Susan Layard
All the best, Katherine!
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