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Welcome to Markham Mums team Page

Markham Mums

Markham Mums

Thank you for visiting our team page. This cause is very dear to us and we appreciate all the support we can get!

We're participating in this event in memory of Janice Pigliacelli and Teresa Ann Dawe, as well as for anyone affected by mental illness, addiction, self-injury or suicide.

Please know that you are not alone, you matter and you are loved. Together we can make a difference!

Love team Markham Mums

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  • APAidan Parkinson


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1. AFAlan & Val Dawe, The Foss Family
Good luck on the walk, what a great cause, your mum would be proud
2. JPJim Porter
3. FRFiorella Reed
4. MRMark Van Ryswyck
Great cause, but you need to set the bar higher!
5. RERchard Eplett
Happy to contribute Andy , great cause Richard
6. C.Chris .
A great cause Andrew! Good Luck!