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24 Hours of Mental Health Support

Mike Grimes

Mike Grimes

In 2012 I started riding and training for an iron distance triathlon, and a few years later connected with the Newmarket Eagles Cycling Club. I've competed at provincial and national levels with success, but my best and most memorable rides have been the ones supporting others (piloting blind athletes) or charities.

In 2015 I had a personal disaster, found myself struggling with depression, cut off from my support networks, at odds with the values and beliefs of family, excommunicated by friends and colleagues. At the same time I was able to connect with mental health services through Southlake and CMHA-York Region.

Through it all the Newmarket Eagles have been there and when life seemed to shut the doors the Eagles sent me out on the road and kept me alive. They have "non-drop rides" and care for each other on the roads in a way that made me feel 100% loved.

I can ride, and I can speak regarding mental health issues. Bringing them together seems completely natural. Please jump onboard as I do the "unnatural" and host a prelude event of a 24 hour roller ride on my front porch June 9th & 10th @ 1pm.

This is the second time I am doing this prelude ride, when I did it in 2019 I managed just over 700kms. I don't have a distance goal because COVID lockdowns were very hard on me and I am VERY far off the conditioning I had back then. I will still commit to riding 55 minutes of every hour for the 24h duration.

I will have a few sets of rollers if others want to jump on and experience the challenge and ride along side. If not, ride along during the main 60km ride on the 11th!

How to turn sugar into gold and alchemy of fundraising


So, 90 minute outdoor ride, but my bike computer is unhappy. It recommends 86 HOURS of recovery. So, according to Garmin my 24h roller ride should be 2:40 of riding and 57:20 resting every hour. Geez, technology is trying to make us lazy!


My first 2023 ONTARIO ride today. Where did those hills and headwinds come from? It’s amazing how much weight we can gain between Thanksgiving, Hallowe’en, Christmas, New Years and Easter as well as the general fitness that comes with working the TV remote more than the shifters on the bike. Get out there and slam those base miles!


Stretching those hams while doing something useful…


So, yesterday I had my longest roller ride in a while… a mere 3 hours. 12.5 is so far away from 100% Today I had a walk with my “spin group” and decided to work on the banner and promo stuff because my butt is sore. 🤣😂

Whoops! Don’t tell legal…


2019 - 24h roller event


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