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My Mental Health in Motion Fundraising Page

Jim Eliopoulos

Jim Eliopoulos

Welcome to my TEAM JAKE page.
In this the 10th year of participation by Team Jake in support of CMHA’s annual Mental Health In Motion fundraiser, I’d like to offer an update on what this event has meant to me as well as random thoughts.
At this writing, much of the news reporting about the Russia-Ukraine war is emanating from Lviv, Ukraine, Jake’s place of birth.
Had we never met Jake leading to an adoption that created the then happiest day of our lives, I wonder what he would be doing as a now 30 year old being bombarded by Russian weaponry. That would be a different life indeed from the one he experienced being raised in Toronto and Newmarket by a loving family surrounded by buckets of friends, including Team Captain Grant Grzywniak who has helmed this team for all 9 years.
While survivors of suicide all experience different ways and rates of healing, I can speak for myself in acknowledging and thanking my son Jake for injecting me with the empathy and courage to share our tragic story as widely as we can in what I now know is a formula that works…speaking up! In doing so, a magnet gets created for others to be encouraged to share their stories and being heard through the darkness, perhaps for the first time. Considerate sharing works.
I am committed to going to war with the mental illness that robbed me of my son Jake, but, if you had told me 9 years ago that this one-off entry into this CMHA event in June of 2013 would result in the raising of over $140,000 as of last year’s virtual event, in Jake’s name… I would have doubted that. I was then in a dark place myself. Jake’s life, while short, has impacted me in ways I would not have thought possible. He has made, and continues to make…a difference.
We love and miss you Jake.
Thank you for reading.
Thank you for donating.
YOU are making a difference.
-Jim Eliopoulos (Dad)


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