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The Bipolar Express rides again

The Bipolar Express

The Bipolar Express

The Bipolar Express continues on its mission to end the isolation and stigma surrounding mental illness!

The Bipolar Express is all about helping to end the isolation and stigma surrounding mental illness. We are family, friends and colleagues of team captain Beth Beattie who lived for many years in fear that people would find out she has bipolar disorder. Beth flew out of the "mental illness closet" three years ago, speaking openly about her illness. The Bipolar Express was born shortly afterward.

We want to do what we can to help people know they can have good outcomes if they get the support they need.

All donations will be used to support a wonderful youth mental health initiative that delivers mobile health services to schools and youth centres.

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Please accept this donation to The Bipolar Express from McCarthy Tetrault. Thank you for the important work you do.
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6. David Stinson
Congrats Beth on another successful ride!!