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The Bipolar Express

The Bipolar Express

The Bipolar Express is all about helping to end the isolation and stigma surrounding mental illness. We are friends, family and colleagues of team captain Beth Beattie who lived for years in fear that people would find out she has bipolar disorder. Two years ago Beth flew out of the mental illness closet, speaking openly about her illness and, in so doing, experienced a new found freedom. We want to do what we can to help others believe they can share their stories and get the support they need.

The Bipolar Express is proud to participate for a third year in the CMHA’s fundraising event, Mental Health in Motion (formerly a Ride Don’t Hide). We invite you to join the movement and show your support by joining our team or making a donation.

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1. SMSandra Montanino
2. LLaw Firm in support of Mental Health in the Legal Profession
We were so lucky to have Beth Beattie present on Mental Health in the Legal Profession at our firm. Her story is truly inspiring and her talk was engaging, and informative. She is doing amazing things to raise awareness and reduce the stigma. Thank you Beth!
3. TBTrish Barrett
5. GRGale Rubenstein
6. VLVictor Liu