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My Mental Health in Motion Fundraising Page

Emma Lingley

Emma Lingley

I struggled with an eating disorder, depression, and really bad anxiety. I tried to control my life through getting the body image I wanted through eating less. Guess what, IT DID NOT WORK. IT SUCKED THE LIFE OUT OF ME. I had to let go of control and let my family feed me for 8 months. I could not do any movement. IT WAS SO HARD. But I learned something so important that I will never forget. I can't handle trying to control things because I am weak. God is the one in control, not me. He cares about me and wants the best for me so I can follow him and his will for my life and know that my life will turn out great.

Please know that you are loved because God loves you and that is enough which makes you enough!

Live loved and w/love!

The 2 main things that have helped me with my mental health is exercising and having community so this is why I have brought this Living With Love team together to raise money and awareness!

Our Living With Love team wants to do 3 main big events starting June 13th until July 13th!!! The 1st kickoff event is July 13th and is also the kickoff day for Mental Health In Motion:) We want to raise as much money and awareness as possible to help those who are also struggling! There is a mental health pandemic right now and we NEED to face this problem head on and try and fix this problem. We can not do this alone. We can not raise awareness, raise money, or live alone. We need each other and so I am asking you to give at least something and share this with everyone and anyone you know! This is our opportunity to make a difference in this world. We only have now!!!

Please follow us on this journey together!


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1. Mary And Dave Lingley
Thank you to our precious grand daughter for introducing us to this amazing cause.
2. Emma Lingley

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