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Ride Don't Hide - for Tim Podlipski

Anne Podlipski

Anne Podlipski

Hi friends & fam ❤,

I hope everyone is doing well & getting through this tough year.

Normally in June - my family, friends and I would be riding together in honour of my brother, Tim, who lost his battle with depression on October 30th, 2014. Unfortunately, the ride is cancelled again due to the pandemic BUT we've decided to keep the tradition going.

On June 20th, the Podlipski/ Alcorn crew will be riding to raise money for CMHA (Canadian Mental Health Association) & all those out there who have struggled, are currently struggling or will struggle.

Focusing on your mental health is more important than ever. Studies show that suicide rates are at an all time high and the limited access to quality, affordable mental health care in the world has been further diminished due to COVID as the pandemic has disrupted health services around the world.

All money raised goes directly to CMHA's goal to raise money for mental health programs and services across Canada.

No pressure but feel free to donate through the link below!

Love you & miss you forever Tim ❤


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