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Celebrating 100 years in our community, CMHA YSS is rebranding the local Ride, Run, Walk event for June 14th, 2020 to raise the profile of mental health and the impact of CMHA with the objective:

  • To promote mental health awareness and raise funds for local services that improve mental health and addictions care in York Region and South Simcoe & GTA.
  • To engage and encourage public awareness around their own mental health by being physically active and enjoying quality time with friends and family in a community setting. 
  • To increase the brand recognition and profile the Canadian Mental Health Association in the communities that we serve.

Mental Health in Motion is more than an event. It's everyone's opportunity to connect - to your own mental health, to each other and to our community, while raising critical funds that support transformational change in the lives of youth throughout York Region and South Simcoe.

It's time to move the conversation of mental health forward, and together we'll be a movement in our community that can stand against the stigma and give everyone access to support.

Registration Fees:
Route Regular Price   EarlyBird Price**
100KM Ride $100 $85
60KM Ride $60 $50
20KM Ride $55 $45
5KM Ride $55 $45
5KM Run/Walk $55 $45
Virtual Rider FREE FREE
* Note all children under 12 are free - select child when registering *
**EarlyBird Pricing available Until March 31, 2020 at 5pm

Where does all the donation money go?

Mental Health In Motion raises awareness and funds that make a transformational impact in our community!

MOBYSS - Mobile York South Simcoe (pronounced
mo-bies) is Ontario’s first mobile health clinic for youth ages 12 to 25. MOBYSS travels to where youth are in York Region &South Simcoe, offering free support for mental health, physical health, and sexual health support.

MOBYSS supports our youth wherever they are in their journey. Your support creates stories of hope, stories like Ryan's:

‘Ryan is a youth in York Region who recently had a friend die by suicide. He was having a lot of feelings of guilt and anger. He didn’t know what to do. Ryan started experiencing anxiety and depression. He no longer wanted to spend time with his friends or participate in hockey & indoor soccer games with his teammates. Ryan was feeling lost & confused.

Ryan knew he had at least one safe place to talk - MOBYSS. He opened up with the Youth Mental Health Worker on board, sharing his anger, guilt, confusion, depression, and anxiety. He also shared that he was contemplating suicide himself.

Ryan felt listened to on MOBYSS. He developed a plan of self-care with the Youth Mental Health Worker, one that helps him navigate his grief while giving him a glimmer of hope.

Ryan continues to visit MOBYSS & make progress. He’s back at school
, practising hockey again with his teammates, and spending time with this friends. They’re even talking of ways to honour their friend who died by suicide, by riding in Mental Health In Motion. 

Because of the wide range of services MOBYSS provides, and as a result of people like you who care about the community and take the time and energy it requires to give back, Ryan got the help he needed.

On behalf of this youth who now has a future to build on we say THANK YOU!

Each MOBYSS visit costs $250. We need your support to continue to provide mental health support to so many 
struggling youth. Did you know that 75% of all adults report the onset of their mental illness in adolescence? Every $250 raised could potentially make the difference in saving a youth’s life like Ryan.

You can learn more about the bus at