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Mental Health in Motion 2023 
Sunday, June 11, 2023
Thank you for being a champion for youth mental health! When you participate in Mental Health in Motion and raise funds, you let youth, including those who have struggled through this pandemic, know that they are not alone. We gather to recognize those we have lost and support families who walk, run or ride for someone they love.

Mental Health in Motion raises urgently needed funds so that young people aged 12-25 in York Region and South Simcoe continue to have immediate access to MOBYSS (Mobile York South Simcoe), no-cost, in-person (and virtual) mental health programs and professional support.

Why do you need to fundraise?  The registration fees for events such as Mental Health in Motion help to cover costs to hold the event. It’s YOUR fundraising dollars that make all the difference for youth in our community that are counting on you.  That’s why it’s important to set some ambitious fundraising goals. 

Let us help you!
Tips for successful fundraising
Do a few basics really well, and you’ll be on the fundraising leaderboard before you know it!  
  1. You’ve registered!  Start by customizing your Personal or Team Page. Adding your own flair goes a long way. Add videos, photos and text to tell your friends and family: Why does youth mental health matter to you? Who are you running/walking/riding for?
  1. Next, send e-mail requests for donations. Personal messages that share why you’re participating in Mental Health in Motion are the best way to ask friends and family to support you. Share the link to your fundraising page in all your emails to your nearest and dearest requesting support. Here are some example emails to help.
  1. Tell friends and family about Canadian Mental Health Association, York and South Simcoe and the innovative programs – like MOBYSS – that are supported entirely through philanthropy. Visit to learn more.
Share this CBC news story so those who pledge can learn about MOBYSS:
  1. Use your social media profiles to share the link to your fundraising page. You may be surprised by who donates to you. Everyone has mental health, and people are going to be inspired that you’re talking about it, especially right now. We want to help you up your social media fundraising game, click here for premade graphics and wording. Post photos and tag us with #cmhainmotion so we can celebrate your progress!
Don’t be shy about asking. Good mental health is important to you.
Heck, it’s important to everyone.
  1. Thank those people who support you. A personal thank you to each donor really does go a long, long way. Reach out with a good old fashioned phone call, text message, email, direct message…just don’t forget to thank them and make it personal.
  1. Keep an eye on your fundraising thermometer. It’s exciting to keep track of your fundraising progress. Make a plan to personally connect with people who have supported you in the past or people who said they would make a donation, but haven't yet.
  1. Does it look like you’re close to your goal? Ask for help to get you across the finish line.  Have you passed your goal? Wow! Raise it higher! Is it getting close to your run/walk/ride day and you haven’t reached your goal? It’s okay to ask more than once. The truth is – people get busy and forget you asked them for help. Send a gentle reminder and include the link to your personal fundraising page.
  1. For any cash donations, be sure to download this form and complete it with your donor. Then submit your form and any cash donations at registration on event day to ensure your donors receive their tax receipt and your gifts are recorded toward your goal.
Here is how to raise $500 in 5 Steps!
  1. Donate $50 to your own fundraising page. ✓ $50 raised!
  1. Ask 3 family members to match your donation and donate $50 each (don’t forget to tell them why you’re running/walking/riding for youth mental health).  ✓ $250 raised!
  1. Ask 5 close friends to contribute $25 (or more!) each! ✓ $325 raised!
  1. Reach out to 3 co-workers to let them know about Mental Health in Motion. Ask them to help get you over the finish line with a gift of $25 each.  ✓$400 raised!
  1. Ask 5 neighbours or people from your wider social group to contribute $20 each. ✓$500 raised!

Your donors will get a tax receipt for the full amount of their gift, and a thank you letter from CMHA YRSS.
We know you're not in this for the prizes, but it never hurts!  The top three individual fundraisers and top team will be announced and awarded prizes on June 11.

No problem. We’re here to help. Email us at with any questions or concerns.

If a young person in your life is in need of mental health support, we’re here to listen, to support and provide help. Visit or call 1-866-345-0183 

Canadian Mental Health Association York & South Simcoe Charitable Business No:123635534 RR0001